| Páscoa 2024: 5 opções de produtos mais vendidos no e-commerce além do ovo de chocolate

Páscoa 2024: 5 opções de produtos mais vendidos no e-commerce além do ovo de chocolate

Páscoa 2024: 5 opções de produtos mais vendidos no e-commerce além do ovo de chocolate

Easter 2024 | Image by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Easter is one of the most important commemorative dates for anyone who is a digital entrepreneur. But, have you ever stopped to think that we can see much more than chocolate? See how to increase your sales by Easter 2024, within your business niche and use digital marketing to attract customers.

In 2024, Easter will take place on March 30th and, for this reason, it is now essential that we start thinking about strategies and products that we will see in celebration of this date.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about this date is chocolate. After all, Easter eggs are very popular, especially among children. If you have an internet business, but it’s not a chocolate business, don’t worry! Just take advantage of the opportunity to make money during this period by optimizing your products.

To the? Below, we list some options for you to sell that can increase your profits. It is worth remembering that consumers today are quite diverse and the market needs to be ready to attract them. But, don’t forget to invest in digital marketing and place your product on social media, thus increasing visibility and, consequently, sales.

What are the options to sell at Easter 2024 that go beyond chocolate

If it never crossed your mind to make money from Easter because you don’t work with chocolate, in 2024, it will be different. 

To increase sales at Easter in 2024, you can go beyond chocolate and offer the best-selling products in e-commerce, such as: vegan products, Fit Easter eggs, Donuts, baskets, handmade gifts and others. Use your creativity and turn your product into something that consumers want to win on Easter Sunday. 

In addition to the ideas above, keep an eye on this list of options we will give you and let’s start preparing your niche to sell more on this commemorative date :

1. Colomba Pascal

Colomba Pascal, like panettone at Christmas, is traditional at Easter and, therefore, is one of the product options in addition to traditional chocolate. There are even people who confuse the product with panettone. However, they are different products.

The traditional Colomba is similar to a sweet bread made with candied orange, fruit zest and a sugar topping made with orange juice, sugar and almonds.

However, in Brazil, there are other options and we can find the traditional one, but also the chocolate version, as it is a country of chocoholics .

You can create recipes to differentiate even more. Oh! Think about a very pretty packaging, as it can be a nice Easter gift. Use a cellophane bag, for example, and a beautiful satin ribbon to wrap the product.

2. Cookies

Another way to make money with Easter other than with chocolate eggs is decorated cookies. That’s right! You can use the “characters of this date” such as, for example, the rabbit and the egg itself to create beautiful shortbread cookies.

Offer customers the option of buying just one or put together special boxes with different products to be given as a gift or consumed by the person who buys the product.

Generally, these cookies are decorated with sugar and dye. Do something very colorful to attract even more attention from your consumers . Creativity can be a big differentiator for you to stand out at Easter 2024.

3. Brigadiers

The brigadeiro goes well on any date, right? For this reason, it could be a good choice for Easter 2024. Take the opportunity to put acetate boxes for sale, for example, with more than one model of the product. Furthermore, messages can be placed on a card glued to the box, for the customer to personalize their message to the person who will receive the brigadeiros.

To bring even more personalization, you can use orange fondant to make mini carrots and place them on top of each brigadeiro. A type of brigadeiro that has become very famous in recent years is the one with carrot cake as a filling, everything to do with this date, do you agree?

Just like with cookies, if you want to win Easter with brigadeiros, you need to be creative to stand out. Take the opportunity to promote your product on social media and WhatsApp groups.

4. Sweets

One of the customs among families is the traditional Easter Sunday lunch. So, if your skill is making sweets, you can create a special menu for customers to buy dessert for this special moment.

Among the main options are: pudding, lemon pie, cakes, mousses, among others. If possible, place it in packaging that can now be used directly for the dessert to be served to guests. There are large bowls, for example, that can set you apart from your competitors for Easter 2024.

Assemble the main models and take photos to be published on your business profile on social media . Be very careful with what is posted. After all, we need to make people “eat with their eyes” and feel like ordering your products.

When we talk about sweets, we can say that the variety is almost infinite, right? So, differentiate yourself.

5. Special dishes

Continuing with Easter lunch and avoiding sweets altogether, how about putting together a different menu so that your customers can purchase options to be served on this special date?

You can go from traditional code to even dishes made with chicken, however, in a more sophisticated way. Also try risottos and the famous chicken salpicão.

Just like with desserts, it is important that you take photos of the dishes that catch the attention of the people who will be impacted by your ad.

Don’t forget that advertising is the most important part of making Easter 2024 a success.

What do you need to do to make money with Easter 2024

Did you like some of the ideas we talked about and do you want to start thinking about Easter 2024? Among the ways to sell online are:

1. E-commerce

You can set up a platform to promote your special products for Easter 2024. In fact, depending on the option chosen, you can use the website to earn money all year round, just create adaptations that match each date

2. Delivery apps

Delivery apps are gaining prominence every day. According to research, iFood is the best known, however, we have several platforms that you can use to sell your products.

3. Social Networks

On Instagram, for example, you can create a store to sell your products, as well as being a great tool for promoting your items for Easter 2024. On Facebook, you can also make advertisements and share your menu with users Special.

So, are you ready to increase your profits by transforming your products into something that consumers want to buy, beyond chocolate eggs?

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